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Sandy's December 2021
Qigong Newsletter

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By V. Vandenbosch

Close to Home

I have been challenged by a series our church is doing for the Advent season on the theme of “Close to Home”. I have much to learn and ponder, but as of the time I am writing this, a few things have become clearer to me:

  • Home is more than a location or dwelling place. It is a state of being - of coming home to my True Self, my Divine Light that is always present and available.

  • Some of my most profound experiences of ‘being home’ have taken place when my mind was at rest and my heart was at peace – like under the stars while floating in the middle of a lake or meditating with a room full of strangers in connected stillness.

  • Being home feels a lot like being wrapped in loving arms, and at the same time like dissolving into the light that is all things.


I recently read, “Left to Tell”, Immaculée Ilibagiza's memoir about her ordeal surviving the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 that claimed one million lives in 100 days. She spent months in hiding in a tiny bathroom with 6 other women.

Somehow during the long hours of her horrific situation, she was able to find peace and hope and yes, even forgiveness, for those who killed her family and most of her village and destroyed her childhood home.


It’s an amazing reminder of the Light that is always present, always shining within us, if only we can slow down long enough to witness it and rest in its glow.

What does being 'close to home’ look and feel like for you? Perhaps you can ponder this along with me this holiday season as you rest your weary feet and gaze at the twinkle of the lights in your home.

And please join me for our Evening Restorative Qigong Practice on December 19th (details and zoom link below).

Peace and Light to You and Yours,

Sandy Salvo

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Please accept this free offering:

Restorative Evening Qigong Practice 


Sunday, December 19th, 2021

7-7:45pm Central Time via Zoom

Find your slippers and a warm beverage, then join us for a slow, restorative Qigong practice to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the week ahead.  Restore your inner equilibrium and enjoy the holidays with a calm peacefulness that will nourish everyone around you.  

Share the link freely with friends and loved ones.  We will combine a flowing, standing practice with seated (or lying) meditation, so choose your space accordingly. Take a deep breath and just say, “ahhh”…

No fee – everyone welcome!

To Join Zoom:  CLICK HERE




Video Recordings Available


For those seeking some guidance and review for their personal, at-home practice, I have created some video recordings:

  • Gratitude Practice (Qigong and Meditation) November 2020

  • Bird Qigong Frolics and Crane Form

  • Tiger and Bear Qigong Frolics

  • Deer and Monkey Qigong Frolics

  • Tai Chi Easy Form

  • Monday Morning Qigong November 2021

"Sandy:  I am so glad that I have a copy of your 'Tiger and Bear' video. 

I would like to think I can do the workout without your guidance, but the truth is that it is a lot easier and not as thought-provoking to have your instruction.  It allows me to focus on my movement instead of what to do next.

I really enjoy your classes, and the added  advantage of the video is that I can pull it out when needed, e.g. after working on chores all day. It speeds up my recovery time - Thank you!!"

C Hanson, Colorado



Note:  These are not professional recordings, but merely my humble attempt to provide you with some useful resources for your personal use. Email me if you wish to receive all or any of these recordings.

Suggested minimum donation is $10 each, or any 3 for $25.

Payment Options:


Or mail your check to:

Sandy Salvo :: 7521 Oak Circle Dr, Middleton, Wisconsin, 5

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Beach Birds!
Our final outdoor practice of 2021

Weekly Qigong Classes:

Monday 9am CT Qigong via Zoom 

 Join Zoom Class 

Meeting ID: 825 4473 9236


No Class December 27th.

Spread the Word:  Qigong Activates the Healer Within!

Bring A Friend – Practice for Free!


There is no doubt in my mind that your invitations to friends and family members is THE absolute best means of spreading the word about the healing power of Qigong!

Without someone who has personally experienced the effects of these practices bearing witness to another, most people simply do not understand what Qigong is or how it can make them feel.        


Please consider who in your circle might benefit from Qigong and invite them to try a class for free. Each time you bring a new person to class, you can practice for free, too!



Suggested Fee: $10/class for one-time drop in

Flexible Commitment Options:

Purchase classes in advance and use them as you are able.

6 classes for $48 ($8/class)

10 classes for $70 ($7/class)

15 classes for $90 ($6/class)

I am committed to offering access to the healing power of Qigong to

all who seek to practice with us. Please don’t let financial hardship

get in the way of your health. Simply email me.

Payment Options:


Or mail check to:

Sandy Salvo :: 7521 Oak Circle Dr, Middleton, Wisconsin, 53562

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