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Facilitative Leadership


Susan Fuszard, M.S., CEAP  University of Wisconsin-Madison​

Sandy co-facilitated a workshop on Integral Facilitation for members of the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA).

Our work often requires us to facilitate pairs in conflict, or group members in a variety of settings.


The holistic approach of this model was helpful in reminding us of the need to manage ourselves first:  considering our own opinions, biases and reactions to what goes on in the midst of dynamic groups, especially when individuals may not be in agreement with each other. We learned techniques for addressing disruptive behavior in groups with respect and professionalism, and had fun practicing them under Sandy’s skilled direction.



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Facilitation Consulting Services

Each team, council, board or community group has its own unique purpose for being, its own set of norms and culture created over time.  But each is served by people who deserve to have their time valued with the best possible leadership.

If you are tired of...wasted time in endless discussions that lead nowhere, dominant voices taking you off track, and ineffective decision making within your group...then it's time to learn how to be an effective facilitator.  You don't even have to be the person leading the meeting to make a difference!


Let's work together to create exactly what you're looking for to bring your group to optimal performance while cultivating a healthy culture that respects each person's voice.  Please consider the following options:

  • Workshops designed for leaders or the whole team to promote ownership of group outcomes, to foster self-confidence among all members and to build a healthy culture from which the best possible results will emerge.

  • Facilitation of your meeting, discussion or retreat by an experienced facilitator who will work with the group leader to accomplish your goals together.

  • Personal coaching to improve your skill and confidence in meeting design, group management and positive intervention techniques.

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