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Early Bird Rates
through March 5th!

Transitions and New Beginnings Retreat

April 5-7, 2024


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Whether you are navigating a new job, a changing family or life situation, a loss, or a health challenge, you are going through a transition, and it is worth paying attention to what is unfolding next for and through you.


During this in-person retreat, we will explore transitions by using art, gentle movement, intuitive writing, conversation and more at St. Anthony's Spirituality Center near Wausau, Wisconsin.

Invest in yourself! This full weekend retreat is only $225 if you register by March 5, 2024.  $250 if registering March 6 - April 1st. Fee covers the retreat, all materials, lodging and six meals. 

See details here:  Transitions and New Beginnings retreat.


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"If you ever wonder what's the big deal about mindfulness, you might remember this...Mindfulness (or vipassana meditation) is the technology for shifting from being ensnarled in suffering to being curious about it."  ~ Ruth King

Intro to Mindfulness Meditation  

Mondays 12:30-2:00pm

5 Weeks:  April 1-29, 2024

Middleton Senior Center (7448 Hubbard Ave)

Learning to live with awareness and acceptance of what is happening around and within us can free us from unnecessary worry, anxiety, and stress which adversely affects our mental and physical health. Mindfulness meditation gives us tools for living life with purpose and joy.

Meeting weekly for 90 minutes in a small group, we will explore the foundations and benefits of mindfulness meditation, focusing on learning through experience and self-reflection.  Students will be provided with an electronic workbook to print and will be encouraged to practice various forms of mindfulness at home between sessions. 


No experience is necessary, but a curious mindset is key!

Fee: $122

Register through Middleton Recreation Dept.

Registration closes one week prior to the start of class.

Questions? Contact Sandy at 

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Teach What You Aspire to Know

Online Professional Qigong Teacher Certification Training

IIQTC Level 1 Integral Qigong


The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi is one of the most respected Qigong and Tai Chi training and research institutes outside of China! 

Learn the methods and secrets for practicing and teaching profound Qigong practices that heal and energize the body - and create RADIANT WELL-BEING, with Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD and IIQTC Faculty Lorrie Formella, MA, Oley Smith NACM, LAc, and Jennifer Weiss, March 14-May 16, 2024

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth through the time-honored principles of Qi cultivation, the renowned IIQTC Teaching Method, and the expertise of our IIQTC Faculty. The IIQTC's comprehensive and evidence-based curriculum and hands-on, small-group confidence-building practicum will equip you to begin teaching and building your business right away.


CLICK HERE for IIQTC Online Level 1 Teacher Training Information & Registration

During this Online Integral Qigong Teacher Training you'll not only enrich your personal practice, you'll also:


1) Acquire a comprehensive foundation in the Qi cultivation arts in thorough alignment with holistic principles, breakthrough contemporary science, accessible mind-body practices, Buddhist and Daoist (Taoist) philosophies, and traditional Chinese medical theory.


2) Study 9 accessible Qigong methods

  1. Vitality Enhancement Medical Qigong Practice (Healer Within Qigong),

  2. Nine Phases of Integral Qigong

  3. Connective Tissue Transformation Qigong

  4. Bone Marrow Bathing Qigong - The Daoist Medicine Wheel

  5. Seven Precious Gestures Qigong

  6. Cancer Recovery Walking Qigong

  7. Spontaneous Qigong

  8. A Wide Array of Qigong Breath Practices

  9. Qi Transmission Healing


3) Learn the physiology and psychology of Qigong


4) Survey of 21st-century business-building skills.

CLICK HERE for IIQTC Online Level 1 Teacher Training Information & Registration

What You Will Receive -

  • 30 Hours of Online Training Time with IIQTC Faculty and Co-Leads including Dr. Roger Jahnke.

  • Access to 57 + Hours of Web-Based Video Training - 36 required, 21 electives - each has a PowerPoint knowledge session + a practice session.

  • Membership in a Private IIQTC Facebook Group - discussion encouraged.

  • Participation in a Mastermind Group facilitated by Senior Trainer Faculty.

  • PDF Certificate of Completion - frameable certificate on request.

  • Certified Teacher Directory Listing.

  • Preview of Dr. Jahnke's Healer Within Medical Qigong Video Library.

This online training is spread out over 3 months and if you sign up before February 19, you will receive early bird pricing.

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