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Pastor Heather Hayward

St. Luke's Lutheran Church,

Middleton WI

Sandy approaches each group with their needs in mind.  She pays attention to every aspect of what will make the event/retreat/meeting be the best that it can be.  She's knowledgeable and grounded in good practices, but is open to how others will also be able to lend their gifts to the event.
I would highly recommend utilizing Sandy's gifts for your next wellness event, spiritual retreat, or leadership meeting.

Michael Georgia


As a member of my company’s wellness committee I am constantly on the lookout for new and fun ways to engage my fellow co-workers in wellness activities.  Sandy’s Qigong class was one of the best ever. Sandy made learning Qigong enjoyable and inclusive for all who participated.


Everyone who participated was able to shed some stress and leave with a re-charged energy. From her responsiveness to setting up the event, to her incredible knowledge, to the overwhelming positive feedback from my co-workers, working with Sandy was an all-around wonderful experience.

Steve Davis

Co-founder Living Giving

Enterprises, LLC

I've worked with Sandy for the past two years in the design and co-facilitation of a 5-day facilitative leadership workshop, the Journey of Facilitation & Collaboration. As a trainer, I experience Sandy to have a rare combination of confidence, compassion, playfulness, and love of her participants.


While she is easygoing and easy to work with, she is also very responsive with regard to the everyday tasks required to design and deliver a complex event. Finally, I truly appreciate her resilience in the face of change and the resultant stressors that come with the unexpected. This makes her a great team player who I look forward to continue working with in the years to come.

Jane E. Moorman

Middleton, WI

I've been taking Qigong with Sandy for years at Harbor Athletic Club and only miss her class if I'm sick or out of town.  Sandy says Qigong means "playing with your energy", but it also offers gentle movements that you can adapt if you have some physical limitations.  


I have a group of friends that meet weekly to do Tai Chi and we have invited Sandy numerous times to lead us in Qigong in my home and also in several area parks.  Experiencing Qigong as a group and in a natural outdoor setting is wonderful.


At the end of a Qigong session I feel not only energized, but relaxed and calm.  To me, it feels like a moving meditation.  Sandy bring a quality of calmness through her voice and the gentle movements that are part of Qigong.

Darin Harris

Co-founder, Teacher, Living

Giving Enterprises, LLC

Sandy’s joy, energy, and confidence propel her work. Whether it is guiding participants in trainings, leading Qigong sessions, or coaching leaders, she brings tremendous resources to her clients. I’ve spent several years partnering with Sandy and have learned and grown from these experiences. Grab the chance to work with her, she is going places!

Kathi Vos

President, Zonta Club of Madison

Empowering Women Through

Service and Advocacy  

I have been a student of Sandy’s at Harbor for the past few years and have always loved her QiGong classes.  They help keep me centered.


As the President of the Zonta Club of Madison, it was my task to provide Leadership Training  for my Board and Committee Chairs. Like many professional women’s organizations, these volunteers are often stretched to their limits as they try to do too much. Sandy was my surprise finale guest who provided a Taste of QiGong to remind these dedicated leaders that Self Care is Health Care, and they need to keep their lives in balance if they want to continue to give back to their community. Sandy exudes this principle and was able to provide a calm and serene ending to our training event. 

Karen Kohls

Middleton, WI

This is a great class! It's flowing, gentle standing movements loosen up my spine and shoulders, improve my balance and relax my mind! It's easy to follow and provides ample opportunity to experience the changes in energy flow, while at the same time providing concrete physical benefits. 

As a physical therapist, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for increased flexibility, mindfulness, balance and energy flow. Sandy is a wonderful instructor, providing just the right amount of variation so each class is a bit different but also familiar enough to allow us to learn the moves we enjoy. It is easy to work around individual physical limitations, or areas that are healing, while still experiencing the benefits!

Rachel Ramos

Harbor Member

Sandy's Qigong class is my absolute favorite of all the classes I've taken at Harbor over the past 3 years - and I've enjoyed taking many during that time! When I leave her class my body and mind feel as relaxed and supple as if I've just received an hour of massage.

At age 30, I tend to be one of the youngest in class, but I love that Qigong offers a wonderful opportunity for movement to people of any age and ability.

I would recommend Qigong to anyone looking to improve or maintain their balance and range of motion, gentle full body movement and strengthening, mindfulness practice, or just an hour of peacefulness during a busy day. It's the best hidden treasure on the Harbor schedule!

Kathy Massoth

Middleton, WI

I’m a long-time regular at Harbor Athletic Club.  I’ve recently added Qigong to my regimen and just love it.  Not only do I feel stretched and warmed up for the Pilates class that follows, but for the rest of my day  I find my mind calmed and focused.  It is for me a form of moving meditation that really makes Wednesday's special. 


There is no form, routine or pattern to memorize .  I just follow Sandy’s instructions and movements, letting them stretch my muscles, soothe my chattering brain and relax and focus me for the day. It is also very adaptable if you have any disability.   I highly recommend giving Qigong a try.   

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