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Sandy's Warm-Up Preview

Try 'Coming Home to the Heart' Qigong!
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I am excited to share an ancient form of Qigong called Tao Yin (pronounced, “Dow Yin”), which means to guide and direct our lifeforce energy (Qi) through our meridians for health and vitality. Remember, “Flowing water never goes stagnant!.”

This is a great class! It's flowing, gentle standing movements loosen up my spine and shoulders, improve my balance and relax my mind! It's easy to follow and provides ample opportunity to experience the changes in energy flow, while at the same time providing concrete physical benefits. 

As a physical therapist, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for increased flexibility, mindfulness, balance and energy flow. Sandy is a wonderful instructor, providing just the right amount of variation so each class is a bit different but also familiar enough to allow us to learn the moves we enjoy. It is easy to work around individual physical limitations, or areas that are healing, while still experiencing the benefits!

Karen Kohls, Middleton, WI

I’m a long-time regular at Harbor Athletic Club.  I’ve recently added Qigong to my regimen and just love it.  Not only do I feel stretched and warmed up for the Pilates class that follows, but for the rest of my day  I find my mind calmed and focused.  It is for me a form of moving meditation that really makes Wednesday's special. 


There is no form, routine or pattern to memorize .  I just follow Sandy’s instructions and movements, letting them stretch my muscles, soothe my chattering brain and relax and focus me for the day. It is also very adaptable if you have any disability.   I highly recommend giving Qigong a try.   

Kathy Massoth, Middleton, WI

Qigong for Health & Vitality

Qigong is a mind-body practice based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and literally means, "to play with or cultivate your energy".  Want to learn more about Qigong?   

Weekly Qigong classes are Mondays, 9am CT. 


Ongoing Qigong Classes

Qigong via Zoom

Mondays, 9-9:45am CT                  


No experience necessary. 

All ability levels welcome.

Your first class is a free trial.

Click Here for:

  Monday 9am Qigong via Zoom 2024

             Meeting ID: 871 8831 7798​

No Classes May 27th



Wednesdays, 8:30-9:15 AM

Marshall Park Boathouse, weather permitting. 


Fees & Registration

One-time drop in:  $12/class

Class-Pass Bundle of 6:  $54 ($9/class)

Class-Pass Bundle of 10:  $80 ($8/class)

Class-Pass Bundle of 15:  $102 (6.80/class)


*These rates apply to weekly Zoom and outdoor classes. Feel free to mix ‘n match as your schedule allows. 


I am committed to offering access to the healing power of Qigong to all who seek to practice with us. Please don’t let financial hardship get in the way of your health. Simply email me.

To Register:

Email me and simply indicate your interests.

Payment Options:


Or mail check to:

Sandy Salvo :: 7521 Oak Circle Dr, Middleton, Wisconsin, 53562


Recordings for Home Use

Breath Workshop Recording

Learn several simple breath techniques and their benefits for immune heath and lung resiliency.


Qigong Video Recordings

For those seeking some guidance and review for their personal, at-home practice, I have created some video recordings:

  • Qigong w Sandy Feb 2024

  • Gratitude Practice (Qigong and Meditation)

  • Bird Qigong Frolics and Crane Form

  • Tiger and Bear Qigong Frolics

  • Deer and Monkey Qigong Frolics

  • Tai Chi Easy Form

  • Monday Morning Qigong 2021

Note:  These are not professional recordings, but merely my humble attempt to provide you with some useful resources for your personal use. Email me if you wish to receive all or any of these recordings.  Suggested donation: $10 each or 3 for $25.


Refer a Friend

Bring A Friend

& Practice for Free!

Please consider who in your circle might benefit from Qigong and invite them to try a class for free. Each time you bring a new person to class, you can practice for free, too!

Spread the Word: 

   Qigong Activates Your         Healer Within!

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