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Sandy's August/September 2022
Qigong Newsletter

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Musings About Life's Mysteries

I’ve just returned from a personal retreat at our cabin, feeling refreshed and invigorated.  At the risk of appearing scattered and incoherent, I wish to share some excerpts from my journal these past few days (please excuse grammar, punctuation, abrupt transitions – it’s just the way my monkey-mind wanders!):

I’m sitting in our new screened porch at the lake – my newest ‘Happy Place’. I can feel the lake breeze, hear the loons call, the frogs croak, leaves rustling and the Kingfisher's dive-SPLASH!  It encourages me to breath in deeply and relax fully. It’s space that calls people to gather, laugh, reflect on life.

It also helps me to connect with my internal ‘happy place’, to find my balance, my homeostasis, and my spiritual peace.  The world goes on around me and I am safe, content, open and receptive.

It also calls me outward...says, “Come explore, experience life (and the lake) to its fullest!"

Even on days where the soft rain turns to a windy storm that drives me inside, it teaches me, reminds me of the fragile nature of contentment, and of all the ways I am not in control of my life.  


Then, in a blink of my eye, the sun reappears and beckons me outward again – to live, to serve, to love, to experience loss and grief and pain…to experience the full spectrum of emotions.  I am suddenly overcome with awe, at the mystery of it all; at the beauty of it all; at my deep sense of connection to all living beings.

Yesterday I was reminded of the reason I have always loved math and algebra (and lately, games like Sudoku and Free Cell Solitaire) – because there is a clear end point where the problem is solved. There may be many paths to the same end, but there IS an end point, a ‘correct’ answer, even.

And the rest of my life is nothing like that…no clear solutions or resolutions…just continual awareness of ‘what is’, and a desire for transformation toward something better, something deeper, something more.

Given this human nature, this striving, can I ever find peace in the midst of life's chaos, loss and suffering? 


YES!  Because somehow in the midst of COVID, of wars and countless refugees, of

global warming and natural disasters, of political extremism, of human trafficking, of twin babies lost; of the grief of husbands, parents and friends no longer with me…somehow in the midst of all this human suffering, I am offered peace, by this soul-felt reassurance that I am never alone.

And I will accept it, honor it, and hold it as long as I can, for THIS moment. And THIS one.

My mind longs for fuller understanding of the mysteries of life – that’s my ego, I suppose, wanting to ‘get it’, to figure it all out once and for all…like a Sudoku puzzle or algebra equation.

But the ever-changing, ever-flowing waves on the lake remind me that the mysteries are too vast for my small mind.  Only the light deep in my heart, my soul, can provide the peace I long for.

I smile at this awareness, and my heart sings, ‘Amen!’.  This is enough for this moment.  It’s time to plant some perennials.

Offered with humble appreciation for each of you being in my circle,

Sandy Salvo

P.S.  See info below about the August 15th Labyrinth Walk and a new Qigong Form!

Cross Plains Area

Mindfulness Meditation Group

Labyrinth Walk.jpeg


All are welcome to join this new learning community focused on exploring mindfulness meditation practices to cultivate compassion and mutual understanding while enriching our personal faith journeys. No experience necessary. Bring a chair or mat.


Meeting monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month, 6:30-7:45pm on a drop-in basis. St. Martin's Lutheran Church, 2427 Church St, Cross Plains, WI.

August 15th will be an outdoor Labyrinth Walk at Madison Christian Community (7118 Old Sauk Rd, Madison, WI) with a trained Labyrinth Facilitator.  Suggested $5/person donation to the Labyrinth Fund. Carpool from St. Martin's Church by 6:00pm or meet us there at 6:30pm.  Please email me if you are thinking of attending and whether you will carpool or meet us there - thanks!

September 19th we will be back at St. Martin's Church, hopefully gathering outdoors in the garden.


Contact Sandy at 

Come as you are. 

Come when you are able.









Wuji Hundun Qigong

Transforming Chaos into Creative Joy

Mondays, October 3, 10, 17 and 24

3:45-5:00pm (central time) via Zoom*


In this 4-part workshop you will learn an ancient form called Wuji Hundun Qigong, which I recently learned from Daisy Lee.  It is a beautiful 18-Form inherited from Master Duan Zhi Liang, who died at the age of 107-years-old.

The Wuji Hundun Qigong system is based upon the idea that nothing stays the same - which essentially is what chaos is - and that each of us in our own lives is experiencing some form of chaos. How do we work with our energy to transform chaos into creative joy?  I invite you to join me to explore this possibility further!

We will use circular movements to remind us of the infinite circle of life and boundless possibilities that are ever present.  The form also uses spirals to remind us that things are slowly revealed and constantly evolving.

​Perhaps you have been wanting a specific series of Qigong movements to practice on your own?  We will explore how to use Intuitive Flow to personalize this form for exactly what your body is calling for each time you practice.  This form begins and ends with a sunrise and sunset, with 16 other movements in-between that can be used in a flexible way to suit your needs and keep you in harmonious balance.

Contact Sandy to register at

​​Suggested Fee $45

Payment Options:


Or mail check to:

Sandy Salvo :: 7521 Oak Circle Dr, Middleton, Wisconsin, 53562


​*I will set-up an optional in-person practice for those who are local after we have learned the entire form.

Enso Circle.jpg

Weekly Qigong Classes:

Monday 9-9:45am CT Qigong via Zoom 

 Join Zoom Class 

Meeting ID: 882 7461 0012

No Class: Aug 15 and 22,

    Sept. 5 and 12.

Wednesday 8:30-9:15am Qigong at the Lake

Meet near the Boathouse, Marshall Park, Middleton

No Class August 10, 31 and Sept 7 and 14.



Suggested Fee: $10/class for one-time drop in

Flexible Commitment Options:

Purchase classes in advance and use them as you are able.

6 classes for $48 ($8/class)

10 classes for $70 ($7/class)

15 classes for $90 ($6/class)

I am committed to offering access to the healing power of Qigong to

all who seek to practice with us. Please don’t let financial hardship

get in the way of your health. Simply email me.

Payment Options:


Or mail check to:

Sandy Salvo :: 7521 Oak Circle Dr, Middleton, Wisconsin, 53562

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