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Sandy Salvo

Retreat Planner,
Qigong Instructor,
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher,
and Facilitation Consultant.
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Sandy Salvo has devoted her life to encouraging authentic connections, valuing relationships in both personal and professional settings.  She believes that peace in our world begins with each person connecting with their inner voice for guidance, and living a life of kindness and compassion.

Having stress-related health issues as early as the fifth grade, Sandy has committed her adult life to promoting healthy lifestyle choices, including exercise, meditation and mindfulness practices. She fosters centered connections with others as a way to deepen understanding of our inter-connectedness and validate our own unique gifts.

Sandy has held numerous positions over the course of her career, from fitness director to quality analyst, from volunteer director to process improvement coach, and from corporate trainer to program manager for patient and family-centered care in an academic health care setting. Looking back, she sees the common thread of wanting to help others be their very best while encouraging meaningful relationships to flourish.

Currently, as a workshop and retreat planner, teacher, trainer and facilitator, she is focusing her energy on fostering confident, self-aware leaders, sharing Qigong and other mindfulness practices, and encouraging meaningful dialogue for a more compassionate world.

Sandy was recently selected for the Speaker's Bureau for the SW Synod of the ELCA Lutheran Church as a resource for local congregations.  In this role she will be assisting with retreat planning, offering opportunities for deepening contemplative practices and offering workshops for lay and ordained congregational leaders.

As an outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys opportunities for spending time in nature, especially on the water or on her bike.  She adores her grandchildren and cherishes the gifts they bring into her life, including their ability to be fully present  and immersed in whatever catches their fancy.


  • Masters' degree in Human Resource Management, with a focus on Learning and Development

  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Internationally Accredited by Continuing Professional Development Certification Service and International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance

  • Certified Teacher for the Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration 5-day leadership immersion experience

  • Certified Trainer for Resilience and Thriving course through the National Wellness Institute and O.W.L.S. (Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems)

  • Certified Qigong instructor through the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, as well as certified fitness and water fitness instructor for 30+ years

  • Thirty years of training and experience in facilitation and process improvement in public, private and non-profit sectors      

  • Graduate of numerous management training and professional development programs 

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"Breathing in,

I know I am alive. 

Breathing out,

I smile at my aliveness."

Thich Nhat Hanh

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