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Mindfulness Meditation

“Mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness of your moment-to-moment experience.” -                                                                                                                                 Sean Fargo


Why cultivate mindfulness?  Once we begin to observe the workings of our mind, we realize how much of life we are missing by being stuck in the past, planning or worrying about the future, and judging everything that passes in front of us.  All this mind-chatter is exhausting, and zaps us of our joy and often, our health.

Intro to Mindfulness Meditation  

Mondays 12:30-2:00pm

5 Weeks:  April 1-29, 2024

Middleton Senior Center (7448 Hubbard Ave)

Learning to live with awareness and acceptance of what is happening around and within us can free us from unnecessary worry, anxiety, and stress which adversely affects our mental and physical health. Mindfulness meditation gives us tools for living life with purpose and joy.

Meeting weekly for 90 minutes in a small group, we will explore the foundations and benefits of mindfulness meditation, focusing on learning through experience and self-reflection.  Students will be provided with an electronic workbook to print and will be encouraged to practice various forms of mindfulness at home between sessions. 


No experience is necessary, but a curious mindset is key!

Fee: $122

Register through Middleton Recreation Dept.

Register early - class size will be limited.  


Contact Sandy  

"If you ever wonder what's the big deal about mindfulness, you might remember this...Mindfulness (or vipassana meditation) is the technology for shifting from being ensnarled in suffering to being curious about it."  ~ Ruth King

From a Mindfulness Meditation Class Member, Fall 2023: 

My experience with mindfulness meditation has been extremely helpful.

I am learning a great deal about myself in the process. The more I practice the easier and deeper I am able to relax.

I have a horrible health crisis in my family currently. I was diagnosed with ocular migraines by my Ophthalmologist related to stress. I was having 3 to 4 episodes a week before I started Mindfulness meditation classes. Since the second class and regular meditation practice,  I have not had any episodes even though the family trauma continues. 

Thank you so very much!   G.W.

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Cross Plains Area

Mindfulness Meditation Group

All are welcome to join this open learning community focused on exploring mindfulness meditation practices to cultivate compassion and mutual understanding while enriching our personal faith journeys. No experience necessary. 


Meeting monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month, 6:30-7:45pm on a drop-in basis at St. Martin's Lutheran Church, 2427 Church St, Cross Plains, WI.

February 19: Somatic Tracking for Chronic Pain

March 18:  Lenten Theme with Pastor Maggie


Contact Sandy  

Come as you are. 

Come when you are able.

Mindfulness Meditation Drop-In Sessions
Harbor Wellness Center
Last Wednesday of the Month
, 11-11:45am
Beginning March 2024

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