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Sandy's July/August 2023
Qigong Newsletter

Yes to hiking!.jpg
Celebrating life at Dead Horse Point State Park, UT
Playing Squirrell copy.jpg
Playing Squirrel with my granddaughter
Biker Babes.JPG
Biker Babes take a break
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Summer Playfulness

Splish-Splash!  Summer playfulness is encouraged for our health and well-being, not just when we’re kids having the summer off but throughout our lives.  Maybe you are playful by nature and have always found it easy to let loose and have fun.  Or perhaps you misplaced your ‘fun-genes’ along the way and simply need to uncover them again.  Surrounding yourself with playful friends, children, and grandchildren can certainly help, but most importantly you need to REMEMBER that sense of ease and joy you felt as a child when days were filled with giggles and the freedom to explore.

If you joined me last week for one of the Summer Solstice Meditations, you were invited to take yourself back to that childhood place, age 6-7, where you were running wild and free.  If you missed it, why not pause for a few breaths here and see if you can feel that sense of ease and joy in your body right NOW? 

For the most part, it’s thought that we spend so much of our lives remembering the past or planning for the future that we miss the beauty of THIS moment.  And from my own experience, I’d have to agree.  However, there are times when briefly remembering (not clinging to or ruminating over) how we felt when in our bliss can help us reset our intentions, our habits and our priorities toward better health and a positive relationship with our aging selves. 

For instance, when I remember how my summers were filled with hours at the local pool and lake, I then make it a priority to meet the grandkids at the pool or invite friends to play at the lake.  I rekindle my urge to jump into the lake for a dip or hop into the kayak for a paddle.

When I bring to mind all the hours I spent exploring this beautiful part of the country on my bike during my teens, I’m motivated to shoot off an email to the ‘Biker Babes’ to encourage us to get some dates on our calendars to ride together. Do we ride as far as we use to years ago? Not even close. But the mileage no longer matters as much as feeling the wind on our faces and enjoying time together laughing and playing.

So where do you find your bliss?  What makes you giggle and let loose?  Remember.  Sense it.  And then seek out ways to add those things into your days.

Why not start by monkeying around with us at one of our weekly Qigong practices?  Summer is the time we focus on fire energy of the heart, which equals, among other things, some monkey frolics! (Details about our in-person and Zoom classes are available at the bottom of this newsletter). 

How about trying some Forest Bathing or walking a labyrinth?  Join the Mindfulness Meditation Group this summer to experience playful ways to notice the beauty around us and the light within. (Details below).

Make a splash this summer, in the water or out – you’ll be glad you did!


Sandy Salvo

P.S.  For more information about our Fire Energy, how to balance it and what it looks like when it's either deficient or excessive, CLICK HERE.

The rule.JPG
Kayaking with dolphins in in Milford Sound, New Zealand

Save the Date:
Transitions and New Beginnings Retreat
APRIL 5-7, 2024
St. Anthony's Spiritual Retreat Center

Cross Plains Area

Mindfulness Meditation Group

Imperfection Quote.JPG


All are welcome to join this open learning community focused on exploring mindfulness meditation practices to cultivate compassion and mutual understanding while enriching our personal faith journeys. No experience necessary. 


Meeting monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month, 6:30-7:45pm on a drop-in basis. St. Martin's Lutheran Church, 2427 Church St, Cross Plains, WI., or specified outdoor location.

July 17:  Forest Bathing with Maureen Berghoefer

August 21:  Walk the Labyrinth with Lois Komai, Labyrinth Facilitator


Contact Sandy at 

Come as you are. 

Come when you are able.

Looking for someone to offer Mindfulness Meditation or Meditative Movement for your group or event?
Perhaps you need someone to help plan a Retreat?

I enjoy helping people explore mindfulness meditation in a variety of ways and experience the benefits of Qigong and/or Tai Chi Easy.  I am also a Retreat Planner and find great satisfaction co-creating retreat or workshop experiences.


Please consider introducing me to your event coordinator or group leader the next time an opportunity arises.  We can chat and see if my skills and gifts align with what your group needs.

Options might include:

  • A  simple Qigong practice tailored to the event theme or activity

  • Seated, standing or walking meditation tailored to the theme or activity

  • Offering a retreat to your group

  • Co-creating a retreat with you or your group leader

Thank you for helping to spread the word - I am grateful for your support!

Outdoor Qigong


Beach Cranes.jpg

There is nothing quite like welcoming the day with a group of friends practicing Qigong by the lake, with the sun rising over Lake Mendota!

Please join us Wednesdays from 8:30-9:15 am at Marshall Park, Middleton, near the boathouse. No class July 5th and July 26.

We move under the shelter in the event of rain.  If storms are present, we cancel. 

I hope you will give it a try!

Inhale Exhale.JPG

Weekly Qigong Classes:

Monday 9-9:45am CT: Qigong via Zoom

No class July 3rd

Click Here for 2023 Qigong w Sandy

Meeting ID: 891 1999 2696




Wednesday 8:30-9:15am: Qigong at the Lake

Meet near the Boathouse, Marshall Park, Middleton

No class July 6th and 26th.

Refer a Friend, Get a Free Class Yourself!

Any time you refer a friend who tries a free Qigong class, you will receive a free class yourself!  It’s that simple - you keep track on your own. Let’s keep spreading the word about this amazing form of self-care!😊




Suggested Qigong Class Fees for 2023*

One-time drop in:  $12/class

Class-Pass Bundle of 6:  $54 ($9/class)

Class-Pass Bundle of 10:  $80 ($8/class)

Class-Pass Bundle of 15:  $102 (6.80/class)


*These rates apply to weekly online Zoom classes (Mondays, 9am) and weekly outdoor classes April-November (Wednesdays, 8:30am).  Feel free to mix ‘n match as your schedule allows. 

Payment Options:


Or mail check to:

Sandy Salvo :: 7521 Oak Circle Dr, Middleton, Wisconsin, 53562

Centered-Connections Website

For more information about my services, please use the menu bar at the top to explore my website!


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