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Retreat Planning

Why Retreat?  Retreats are an opportunity to:

  • Spark creativity and innovation

  • Build trust and mutual understanding

  • Foster healthy communication

  • Allow time for personal growth and reflection

  • Create space for rest and rejuvenation

  • Challenge yourself and your group in new ways

  • Have fun!

Retreats can have various purposes and must be designed with care to accomplish the results you desire.  

Examples for Retreat Themes:

  • Resilience and Thriving

  • Exploring Meditative Practices

  • Facilitative Leadership Development

  • Creating Faith-based Councils that Members Want to Serve On

  • Embracing Differences, Honoring Gifts

  • Mindful Transitions

  • Centered Connections

  • Create Your Own Theme!

If you are looking for guidance with how to create the environment and program for a memorable and effective retreat for your team, organization or faith community,

I would welcome the opportunity to co-create this event

with you! 


Upcoming Retreat:

Transitions and New Beginnings Retreat
April 5-7, 2024



















Whether you are navigating a new job, a changing family or life situation, a loss, or a health challenge, you are going through a transition, and it is worth paying attention to what is unfolding next for and through you.

During this in-person retreat, we will explore transitions by using art, gentle movement, intuitive writing, conversation and more at St. Anthony's Spirituality Center near Wausau, Wisconsin.

Johnna Gerogia,
Program Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Sandy Salvo was the perfect Qigong facilitator for our retreat. We had a diverse group with different levels of experience with moving meditation and she was able to make it easy and fun for all. Sandy has such a relaxed yet energized spirit and a contagious passion for sharing Qigong. When I met with her to discuss my hopes for our retreat, she listened and heard my vision. What she did with my group brought my vision to life and was more than I could have hoped for! We can't wait to invite her back next year. 


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