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Sandy's May/June 2024
Qigong & Mindfulness

Sea Turtle on Kauai.jpg

Sea Turtle in Kauai - their numbers are increasing again!

Gathering in the ocean's energy of renewal and hope.

What signs of hope can you find?

Signs of Hope:  An Invitation to Explore

Dear Friends:

The older I get, the more aware I become of my own limited views.  So I do not write to you here with the intention of imparting soulful wisdom for your life, or creative solutions to the incredible challenges we face as human beings on this planet.

I do believe, however, that we each have a resource, a roadmap even, for how to live in sustainable ways, how to be generative in our relationships and how to be resilient in the face of the inevitable cycles of life: birth, growth, decay, death and rebirth.  That resource is our natural world, and Mother Nature just may be one of our greatest teachers.

If we see nature as an open book to be pondered, explored, discovered, and honored, we will inevitably find signs of hope for ourselves and all beings who share this amazing world with us. 

I am currently in a study group through the Center for Action and Contemplation using the book, “How to Live in a Chaotic Climate:  10 Steps to Reconnect with Ourselves, Our Communities and Our Planet”. It speaks of the theory of ‘positive disintegration’, a process of questioning and dismantling our current ways of being and operating (as individuals and as a society) to make room for truly life-sustaining ways to take root.

According to author LaUra Schmidt, “Slowing down and losing our way allows us to notice new ways that are springing up that we have not yet acknowledged. These new ways are openings that are dancing on the edges of our understanding and perspectives waiting to be witnessed….Openings are a third way, the open door that arises, a portal that appears, if we can tolerate the tension and unknown and become present with what is.”

So I invite you to simply take time to immerse yourself in the healing

energies of our natural world – to slow down enough to notice the

cycles of life being played out.  To notice how spirals are all around

us, inviting us to emerge into a new way of being.  Like the fern fond

or Koru, a traditional symbol in New Zealand for new beginnings,

awakening, and regeneration, connecting us to our hope for the future.

I also invite you to watch the 2-minute recording of a conversation I had with a native Hawaiian (below), which explains the meaning of the word Hawaii and the beautiful Aloha spirit.

Consider joining our outdoor Qigong practices on Wednesday mornings or attending an outdoor meditation experience this summer (info below).

Meanwhile, I send you these loving-kindness wishes:

  •  May you sense your connection to all of nature.

  • May you cultivate healing energy within and without.

  • May you have the courage to live in alignment with your deepest values.

  • May you live in harmony with all beings.

Aloha, dear friends,

Sandy Salvo

P.S.  Below you will find info about ongoing Qigong classes, meditation groups, and resources to support your journey.  Please let me know what you find most helpful.


Spiritual writer Shannon K. Evans asks how the Divine might be communicating through the natural world: 

What would it look like for you and me to open ourselves to hearing the earth ask us to reclaim something? Could the trees really have a story to tell us about the work of the Holy One on this planet? Could mountains draw us deeper into divine presence? Could the animal life scampering around us breathe renewal into our souls if we stop to watch?  

The earth is alive with Spirit, and there is something for you every single day out that door. Maybe not lightning from heaven, but a movement of Spirit that speaks in that still, small voice inside you.

Learn the meaning of the words Aloha and Hawaii, as well as the essence of happiness for the Hawaiian people.
*Click sound icon in lower right corner
Mindfulness Meditation Resource
RAIN: A Practice of Radical Compassion

Click on this link to learn more about Tara Brach's a well-known mindfulness technique called R.A.I.N. that helps us cope with our emotions in a healthy way:  Recognize,  Allow, Investigate, Nurture.

Linda Nylund shared this poem by Tahlia Hunter, inspired by the poem by Rumi, "This being human is a guesthouse", along with the beautiful image.  I invite you to spend some time with these and see what resonates for you.

Anything that is not love
is only a visitor to your body.

You are not anxious,
stress is simply flowing through you.

You are not permanently depressed,
sadness is simply visiting you.

You are not lost,
confusion is simply wandering within you.

And you are not broken,
pain is simply passing through you.


Spirals & Flow.png

Mark Your Calendars:  Mindfulness Meditation Pop-Up Sessions

Harbor Wellness Center , Middleton, WI

Last Wednesday of the Month, 11-11:45am 

Cross Plains Area

Mindfulness Meditation Group

All are welcome to join this open learning community focused on exploring mindfulness meditation practices to cultivate compassion and mutual understanding while enriching our personal faith journeys. No experience necessary. 


Meeting monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month, 6:30-7:45pm on a drop-in basis at various outdoor locations for the summer, weather permitting.  Our back-up location is St. Martin's Lutheran Church, 2427 Church St, Cross Plains, WI.

May 20:  Signs of Hope: An invitation to Explore - meet at Zander Park, Cross Plains

June 17:  The Aloha Spirit - a fresh perspective on Loving Kindness Meditation - meet at                        Festge County Park (4894 Scherbel Rd, Cross Plains)

July 15:  Forest Bathing - meet at Indian Lake County Park Shelter


Contact Sandy  

Come as you are.  Come when you are able.

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Weekly Qigong Classes:

Monday 9-9:45am CT: Qigong via Zoom

Click Here for:

Monday 9am Qigong w Sandy via Zoom 2024

Meeting ID: 871 8831 7798

No Classes May 27

Wednesday 8:30-9:15am: Qigong at the Lake

Meet near the Boathouse, Marshall Park, Middleton

Refer a Friend, Get a Free Class Yourself!

Any time you refer a friend who tries a free Qigong class, you will receive a free class yourself!  It’s that simple - you keep track on your own. Let’s keep spreading the word about this amazing form of self-care!😊

Suggested Qigong Class Fees for 2024*

 - No Inflation Increases Here!

One-time drop in:  $12/class

Class-Pass Bundle of 6:  $54 ($9/class)

Class-Pass Bundle of 10:  $80 ($8/class)

Class-Pass Bundle of 15:  $102 (6.80/class)


*These rates apply to weekly online Zoom classes (Mondays, 9am) and weekly outdoor classes April-October (Wednesdays, 8:30am).  Feel free to mix ‘n match as your schedule allows. 

Payment Options:


Or mail check to:

Sandy Salvo :: 7521 Oak Circle Dr, Middleton, Wisconsin, 53562


Save the Date for 2025!
Transitions and New Beginnings Retreat
APRIL 4-6, 2025
St. Anthony's Spiritual Retreat Center
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