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Qi and Tea Parties

This idea of offering 'Qi and Tea Parties' came out of my own experiences of unconditional acceptance and support from close groups of friends.  My desire is to encourage more women to take time for fostering these authentic relationships. 


Wouldn’t it be great to gather with your friends without feeling the need to purchase an unnecessary product?  Why not use your time together to connect, share and support one another’s journey?  And yes, this can work for a men’s or mixed group, as well as for children.

Qi and Tea Parties can be held in your home or your group's usual meeting place.  As the host/hostess, you take care of inviting the special people with whom you wish to gather and provide some light refreshments – I’ll take care of the rest!  The basic idea is to offer a unique twist to your group, including some easy, fun Qigong movements to release tension and relax, followed by lightly facilitated conversation to help deepen your connections.  Nothing scary or difficult, but hopefully meaningful for all involved.

If your group meets in the evenings or is celebrating a special

occasion, perhaps the tea is replaced with wine or infused

water.  If you are part of a book club or study group,  you may

simply invite me to offer a Qigong practice at the beginning to

help ground your discussion.

Another option is to expand your normal meeting time and

create a mini-retreat aimed at rejuvenation and connection. 


I’d be delighted to discuss options with you!  Simply drop me

an email from the Contact tab to get the conversation started.

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Jane E. Moorman,

Middleton, WI

I've been taking Qigong with Sandy for years at Harbor Athletic Club and only miss her class if I'm sick or out of town.  


I have a group of friends that meet weekly to do Tai Chi and we have invited Sandy numerous times to lead us in Qigong in my home and also in several area parks.  Experiencing Qigong as a group and in a natural outdoor setting is wonderful.


At the end of a Qigong session I feel not only energized, but relaxed and calm.  To me, it feels like a moving meditation.  Sandy bring a quality of calmness through her voice and the gentle movements that are part of Qigong.

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